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Most of the time subtle, frequent symptoms are a sign of something larger, something chronic, warning us about the imbalances going on in our body, so that we can attend to it but unfortunately often times these signs go unnoticed and we end up being on long term medication without which we are made to believe we may not function well which is not always true.

A quick fix solution is not the way to go and as practitioners we need to apply an integrative approach towards health and wellbeing. The goal is not only to resolve the symptoms but to make sure the root cause of the problem is identified and addressed so that we can work towards optimum health and wellness along with preventing the disease from getting worse and happening again.”

Dr. Arthi Khazanchi 
Owner and Founder, Ananda Wellness Center

What is functional medicine?
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There's more we can do to help our kids

Traditional medicine does very well with acute problems. Somewhere down the line we figured out chronic issues can’t just be band aided.

We at Ananda embrace the uniqueness of a child and employ a system based medical approach that works to identify and understand the underlying root causes of a health problem.The relationship between your child and Dr.Arthi effectively is a partnership. Every aspect of your child's history is reviewed in detail recognizing him/her as a distinct individual rather than the disease.

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 “The condition of utter joy. Pure and absolute bliss. An essential quality of the ultimate Reality.


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Being a mother of 2 girls I know how important is to take care of their health, specially when everything around us is not pure and right and over medication is a general philosophy of treating any patient. Thankfully Arthi’s approach of treating a problem is to get to the root cause and total healing of the body. When I met Arthi I didn’t know she is a MD neither I knew that she has earned a degree in integrative medicine. I was mesmerized to see how she approaches science and wellness so wisely and provides us the right reasoning about incorporating both of them in our life style. My family is learning a lot from her and definitely would recommend friends and family to reach out to Ananda wellness center for a better lifestyle and health.

Mayuri RamanAnanda Wellness Practice Member

I have a child with various food allergies that create eczema flare ups. It's tough when these flare ups occur and have to consistently apply medications to calm the flare ups. While the medication used provides quick fixes they tend to be short term and don't prevent future flare ups. Dr. Khazanchi provided a more holistic approach that provides new approaches to managing eczema flare ups from allergies. Her recommendations provided great awareness to tackling the issues at the source, which were to identify the triggers of the flare ups. The information provided has been very helpful in preventing future flare ups and reduced the need to use additional medications.

Mijeong ParkAnanda Wellness Practice Member

If I could give 5000 stars, I would! Dr Arthi is empathetic and truly cares about your well-being, a quality which is rare in doctors today. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, so there is no quick fix to it - it requires small yet significant lifestyle changes. What I love about Dr Arthi is that she isn't preachy or accusatory (which I have seen in doctors before), but she works with me to understand what difficulties I face as a PCOS patient in implementing those changes. She has brought me closer to nature by suggesting some simple changes in my day-to-day life and I have seen the difference in myself. If you want to heal from within and make those much-needed changes in your life, Dr Arthi is your go-to person.

Maheer BabaAnanda Wellness Practice Member

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